God will revenge His undisclosed Love

jc childhood

God is slow to anger, and is loth to abandon people to utter ruin, who have been called by his name. When God was to give a sacrifice for sin, and a Savior for sinners, he spared not His own Son, that He might spare us.

This is the language of the day of his patience; but when men sin that away, then the great day of His wrath comes ( Revelation 6: 17 ). Man’s compassion are nothing in comparison with the tender mercies of our God, whose thoughts and ways, in receiving returning sinners, are as much above ours as heaven is above the earth. God knows how to pardon poor sinners ( Isaiah 55: 7 or Luke 5: 32 ).

peace 3

He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins, and therein declares His righteousness, now Christ has purchased the pardon, and he has promised it. Holy trembling at the word of Christ will draw us to Him, not drive us from Him, the children tremble, and flee to Him, and all that come at the Gospel call, shall have a place and a name in the Gospel Church. The religious service of Israel were mere hypocrisy, but in Judah regard was had to God’s laws, and the people followed their pious forefathers, is not different for our context and environment to-day

Let us be faithful: Those who thus honours God, He will honour, but such as despise Him, shall be lightly esteemed ( 1 Samuel 2: 30 )


Today’s sharing is draw from the Book of Hosea 11: 8 – 12 ” …I will not execute the fierceness of My anger, I will not bring back Ephraim to nothing or again destroy him. For I am God and not man, the Holy One in the midst of you, and I will not come in wrath , or enter into the city. They shall walk after the Lord, who will roar like a lion; He Himself will roar and His sons shall come trembling and eagerly from the west…”


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