Gospel’s Solid Food: Wisdom


We were touch that after reading and studying the ” Holy scriptures ” then followed ” meditation “, therefore the Spirit of ” discernment” in terms of ” revelation”  takes control of the rest! But, how to always  to be led by the Spirit as the substance of our spiritual maturity?

1 Corinthians 2: 6 – 9, describes God’s wisdom as the real foundation of spiritual food: ” Yet I do proclaim a message of wisdom to those who are spiritually mature. But it is not the wisdom that belongs to this world or to the powers that rule this world – powers that are losing their power…God’s wisdom for those who receive the Doctrine of Christ as Divine, and having been enlightened by the Holy Spirit have looked well into it, see not only the plain history of Christ, and him crucified, but the deep and admirable designs of Divine Wisdom therein. It is the mystery made manifest to Christians today! ( Colossians 1: 26 ). Though formerly hid from the heathen world. It was only shown in dark types and distant prophecies, but now is revealed and made known by the Spirit of God.

Furthermore, Hebrews 5: 14 ” Solid food, on the other hand, is for adults, who through practice are able to distinguish between good and evil “


This is not intended to portray a perfection of justification, for though some have a greater degree of faith than others, and a clearer discovery of their justification; In Christ are as perfectly justified as more grown and experienced believers, nor a perfection of sanctification, for there is no perfection of holiness, but in Christ, and through the work of sanctification may be in greater perfection in one Christian than in another, yet all are imperfect of parts babes have this as well as adult persons, but it designs a perfection of knowledge for though none are entirely perfect, yet some have arrived to a degree of the knowledge of Gospel mysteries than others, and to those the strong meat of the Gospel belongs, they are capable of understanding, the more mysterious parts of the Gospel of searching into the deep things of God; and of receiving, and digesting the more sublime truths of the Christian ‘s faith & life.

” even those who by reason of use , have their senses exercised to discern both good and evil …”

discer 1

That is their spiritual senses, the internal senses of the understanding, and judgment, signified by external ones, as by seeing the Son; hearing the voice of Christ, savouring or smelling a sweet odour in the things of God, and Christ, lasting that the Lord is gracious feeling and handling the word of life, as these are held forth in the everlasting Gospel; and these being exercised on their proper object, by use , a habit is contracted and such are qualified for discernment, as between moral good and evil, and the worse and better state of the Church ( Christ’s Body ), and between Law and Gospel, so between the Doctrines of Christ, and the doctrines of men…Such experienced persons find to be good… and the discernment they make, and the judgment they form, are not according to the dictates of carnal & worldly reason, but according to the Scriptures of truth founded in the Bible, and their own experience





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