Jesus, the God of the living!

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A right knowledge of the Scripture – Mark 12: 18 – 27 “…He is not the God of the dead, but of the living!..”,

as the fountain whence all revealed religion now flows, and the foundation on which it is built, is the best preservative against error. Christ put aside the objection of the Sadducees, who were the scoffing infidels of that day, by selling the doctrines of the future state in a true light. The relation between husband and wife, though appointed in the earthly paradise, will not be known in the heavenly one. It is no wonder if we confuse ourselves with foolish error, when we form our ideas of the world of spirits by the affairs of this world of sense. It is absurd to think that the living God should be the portion and happiness of a man, if he is for ever dead, and therefore it is certain that Abraham’s Soul exists and acts, though now for a time separate from the body. Those that deny the resurrection greatly err, and ought to be told so. Let us seek to pass through this dying world with a joyful hope of eternal happiness, and of a glorious resurrection.

The Bible says in John 14: 6  that Jesus is the foundation of our lives – Our God is a living God. All life has its source in Him. He gave life to the human race and placed in Eden the tree of life. However, Adam & Eve sinned and death gained entrance into our lives – and not just physical death, but all the pain and suffering associated with a decaying creation. God however, offers renewed, purposeful life to those who choose to serve Him.

In the New Testament, Jesus Christ is revealed to us as ” the way, the truth and the life ” ( John 14: 6 ) – He is the source of eternal life.


In Him, we can live life right now in its fulness that means ” rich and satisfying ” ( John 10: 10 ); and those who believe in the Son of the Most High God, experience eternal life already here on earth and are promised life forevermore in His future community of love and justice. The power of the Holy Spirit, that resurrection power used to raise our Lord and Savior Jesus from the dead, revitalized us and enables us to express our new life from God ( 2 Corinthians 5: 17 ) in holy living ( Galatians 5: 22 ) or ( 2 Peter 1: 5 – 7 ); Even when we die, we remain alive in Christ, because nothing can separate us from His love ( Romans 8: 38 – 39 ); and we look forward to the resurrection life because our names are written in the book of life.


As followers, we must preserve physical life by all means ” Guard your heart above all else, for it determines the course of your life. ” – Proverbs 4: 23.


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