Ministers – Preach and live well!


It is not new for a Minster to meet with unkind returns for goodwill to a people, and diligent and successful services among them. The Bible says in the Book of 1 Corinthians 9: 14 ” The Lord directed that those who publish the good news should live by the Gospel. “

Therefore, those who seek to do our souls good, should have food provided for them. But, the apostle Paul renounced his right, rather than hinder his success by claiming it. It is the people’s duty’s to maintain their minister. He may waive his right, as Paul did: but, those transgress a precept of Christ, who deny or withhold due support.

” To live in the Gospel ” brings forward some observations which are specific to the ministers of Christ:

teacher 1

They should be made comfortable, not rich, they should receive so much as to keep their minds from being harassed with cares, and their families from want, not so much as to lead them to forget their dependence on God, or the people;

This is a command of the Lord Jesus, and if it is a command, it should be obeyed as much as any other Law of the Redeemer. And if this is a command, then the minister is entitled to a support, and then also people are not at liberty, to withhold it;

The package ( remuneration ) of a minister should not be regarded as a gift ” merely “, any more than the pay of a congressman – He has a claim to it; and God has commanded that it should be paid. It is moreover, a matter of stipulation and of compact, by which a people agree to compensate him for his services.

integrity 1

” I warn and counsel the elders among you ( the pastors and spiritual guides of the Church ) as a fellow elder and as an eyewitness ( called to testify ) of the sufferings of Christ, as well as a sharer in the glory ( the honor and splendor ) that is to be revealed ( disclosed, unfolded.) ” – 1 Peter 5: 1. This is a prerequisite to enjoy all the benefits endowed to the service of God.


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