The Name Tags of Christian!

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There are self-labeled Christians after their ” Baptism “, who profess the values of the creed ” I believe in God Almighty ” or the ” Love of God and others “;

They obviously don’t ( Romans 3: 23 since all have sinned and are falling short of the honor and glory which God bestows and receives.” ), and in doing so, they deceive themselves and puzzle everyone else ( James 1: 22 ” But be doers of the Word ( obey the message ), and not merely listeners to it, betraying yourselves ( into deception by reasoning contrary to the truth.” ).

They love who they want, where they want and definitely, how they want!

Spiritual Christian, are so busy being Christians; They don’t have time to brag about it because they believe ” All Honor and Glory belongs to Him –  Revelation 7: 12 ” They don’t crave the notoriety, and the shy away from the spotlight drowned by the humility’s gift. ” Clothe yourselves therefore, as God’s own chosen ones ( His own picked representatives ), ( who are ) purified and holy and well-beloved ( by God Himself, by putting on behavior marked by ) tender-hearted pity and mercy, kind feeling, a lowly opinion of yourselves, gentle ways, ( and ) patience ( which is tireless and long-suffering ), and has the power to endure whatever comes, with good temper. ” – Colossians 3: 12.


Spiritual Christians rarely complain that they are under persecution, even if they really are ” The student is not better than the Master –  Matthew 10: 24” They welcome the challenge and the opportunity to suffer for the cause of Christ ( John 3: 16 and Matthew 20: 26 ). Spiritual Christians assume their behavior is imperfect, and look for ways to improve (“Not that we are fit ( qualified and sufficient in ability ) of ourselves to form personal judgments or to claim or count anything as coming from us, but our power and ability and sufficienct are from God ” – 2 Corinthians 3: 5 ) it by obeying Jesus’ commandments. We can find their characteristics of finger prints of their ” identity ” in

Galatians 5: 22 – 23 ” but the fruit of the ( Holy ) Spirit ( the work which His presence within accomplishes ) is love, joy ( gladness ), peace, patience ( an even temper, forbearance ), kindness, goodness ( benevolence ), faithfulness, Gentleness ( meekness, humility ), self-control ( self-restraint, continence ).Against such things there is no law ( that can bring a charge ).” ;


And their Lifestyle in Matthew 6: 33 – 34 ” But seek ( aim at and strive after ) first of all His Kingdom and His righteousness ( His way of doing and being right ), and then all these things taken together will be given you besides. So do not worry or be anxious about tomorrow, for tomorrow will have worries and anxieties of its own. Sufficient for each day is its own trouble. “


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