The Character of the Decent

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Psalm 112: 1 begins with a call to us to praise God  but immediately applies himself to praise the people of God; for whatever glory is acknowledged to be on them it comes from God, and must return to him as he is their praise, so they are his. We have reason to praise the Lord that there are a people in the world who fear him and serve him, and that they are a happy people, both which are owing entirely to the grace of God. Now here we have:

A description of those who are here pronounced blessed, and to whom these promises are made – They are well principled with pious and devout affections. those have the privileges of God’s subjects, not who cry, Lord! Lord! But who are indeed well affected to his government.


  • They are such as stand in awe of God and have a constant reverence for his majesty and deference to his will. The happy man is he that fears the Lord;
  • They are such as take a pleasure in their duty. He that fears the Lord, as a father with the disposition of a child, not a slave delights greatly in his commandments, is well pleased with them and with the equity and goodness of them, they are written in his heart. It is his choice to be under them, and he calls them an easy a pleasant, yoke, it is his delight to be searching into and conversing with God’s commandments, by reading, hearing, and meditatingPsalm 1: 2 He delights not only in God’s promises, but in his precepts, and thinks himself happy under God’s government as well as in his favor.
  • It is a pleasure to him to be found in the way of his duty, and he is his element when he is in the service of God. Herein he delights greatly more than in any of the employments and enjoyments of this world. And what he does in religion is done from principle, because he sees amiableness in religion and advantage by it. They are honest and sincere in their professions and intentions they are called upright


” PRAISE THE Lord! ( Hallelujah ) Blessed ( happy, fortunate, to be envied ) is the man who fears ( reveres and worships ) the Lord, who delights greatly in His commandments ” ( Deut 10: 12 ).- Psalm 112: 1.


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