A prayer for help against sin.

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read4Our weekly delight ( joy & pleasure ) in Reading comes from the Book of Sirach 22:27 to 23: 1-6.

I wish that a guard could be placed at my mouth, that my lips could be wisely sealed. It would keep me from making mistakes and prevent me from destroying myself with my own tongue!

O Lord, my Father and Master of my life, do not leave me at the mercy of my own words. Don’t let them cause my downfall. I wish, I could be whipped for my thoughts, so that wisdom could discipline my mind. I would not want to be spared when I am wrong. I would not want a single sin to be over looked! Then I would not keep on sinning, making one mistake after another, I could not fall tp my enemies and be humiliated by them.

O Lord, my Father, God of…

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