Remove Ourselves from the World

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prayerRomans 12: 1 – 2, there is succinct description of the essence of the believer’s response to God’s grace in the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Our response is rooted in God’s grace. Paul exhorts us in light of the manifold mercy of God. Our obedience is the product of what God has done in our lives, not something we can manufacture on our own.

As new covenant Christians, we no longer offer animal sacrifices, we now offer ourselves as ” living sacrifices “. Paul wants us simply to contrast ourselves with the dead animal sacrifices of the Old Testament ( John 6: 51 ). But God demands sacrifices that are “ Holy ” that is apart from profane matters and dedicated to His service.

healing jesus

The offering for ourselves to God constitutes our ” Spiritual Act of Worship “- We give ourselves to God as his sacrifices when we understand…

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