Two wicked judges attempt to seduce Susanna!

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Susanna-and-the-EldersThe Book of Daniel (13) tells the story of a young, well-educated and beautiful Woman, SUSANNA from Babylon. Since her husband was very rich, many men visited him at his house. Two Elders were appointed judges and were required to visit Jo’ Akim, the husband regularly. As it was custom for Susanna, she went to walk to the garden and the elders noticed her. Not only did they agree that her beauty was unique, but also, they started to desire her to the point where they planned to ” seduce ” her.

On one particularly hot day, Susanna, unaware of these men plan, decided to take a bath in the garden. She ordered her maids to bring her oil and ointments. The elders who were patiently waiting for her to be alone, ran to her and said:

Look, the garden doors are shut, no one sees us, and…

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