Father, enable us to be perfect!

mary mother of God

As revealed in 1 Peter 5: 10, God will make His people ” perfect “, this would not only respects their justification, for in that sense they are perfect already in Christ, their head, who has perfectly fulfilled the law for them, and fully expiated their sins, has completely redeemed them, and procured for them pardon of all their trespasses; and has justified them from all their iniquities:


But their sanctification, for though all grace is implanted in them at once, yet it is gradually brought to perfection, there is as comparative perfection with respect to themselves, before conversion or with respect to hypocrites, for perfection oftentimes means no other than integrity and sincerity; or with respect to other Christians who are weaker in knowledge and experience and there is a perfection of holiness in Christ, who is their sanctification, but not in themselves, for every part of the work of grace is imperfect, as faith, love, knowledge and sin dwells in them, and they stand in need of fresh supplies of Grace; and even the best of them disclaim perfection though they greatly desire it as here the apostle prays for it and which shows that, as yet, they had it not, though they will have it hereafter in heaven, and perfect holiness, and perfect happiness!

teacher 2

” …After that you have suffered awhile, make you perfect, establish, strengthen, settle you. “ 1 Peter 5: 10. For this reason, Glorious & Merciful Dearest Father, we exhort you to fan into flame your gift of courage, boldness and perseverance in order for us to be made worthy of your promises as we wait in joyful hope your return.


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