The only Authentic Sacrifice!


Because the law is only a pale shadow of the blessings which are to come and not a real image of these things, it can never really fit for fellowship of God those who seek to draw near to his presence with the sacrifices which have to be brought year by year and which go on for ever –

Hebrews 10: 10 ” And in accordance with the will of God, we have been made holy ( consecrated and sanctified ) through the offering made once for all of the body of Jesus Christ ( the anointed One ).

By the which will we are sanctified “That is , by the sacrifice of Christ, which was willingly offered up by himself, and was according to the will of God; it was his will o purpose that Christ should be crucified and slain; and it was his will of command that he should lay down his life for his people; and it was grateful and well pleasing to him, that his soul should be made an offering for sin; and that for this reason, because hereby the people of God are sanctified, their sins are perfectly expiated, the full pardon of them is procured, their persons are completely justified from sin, and their consciences from it.


Through the offering of the body of Jesus Christ once for all “This is said, not to the exclusion of his soul, it designs his whole human nature, and that as in union with his Divine person, and is particularly mentioned in allusion to the legal sacrifices, the bodies of slain beasts, which were types of him, and with a reference to his Father’s preparation of a body for him, for this purpose ( Hebrews 10: 5 ). Moreover, his obedience to his Father’s will was chiefly seen in his body; this was offered upon the cross; and his blood, which atones for sin, and cleanses from it, was shed out of it; and this oblation was ” Once for All ” for the Salvation of mankind.


1 John 2: 2 ” And He ( that same Jesus Himself ) is the propitiation ( the atoning sacrifice ) for our sins, and not for our sins alone, but also for ( the sins of ) the whole world. “



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