Creation expresses the immensity of His power!

universe 3

Who covered thyself with light as with as a garment ” – Psalm 104: 2; Referring to the first work of creation Genesis 1: 3, and God said, “ Let there be light, and there was light “. He seemed to put on light as a garment he himself appeared as if invested with light. It was the first ” Manifestation ” of God. He seemed at once to have put on light as his robe.

Who stretched out the heavens like a curtain – As an expanse spread over us. The word used here means a curtain or hanging, so-called from its tremulous motion, from a world meaning to tremble. Thus it is applied to a curtain before a door to a tent, etc…It is applied here to the heavens, as they seems to be ” spread out ” like the curtains of a tent, as if God had spread them out for a tent for himself to dwell in – Isaiah 40: 22He sits enthroned a the circle of the earth, and his people are like grasshoppers. He stretches out the heavens like a canopy, and spreads them out like a tent to live in.

universe 4

And the inhabitants thereof are like grasshoppers – Or rather like locusts for so the Hebrews word properly means. This is designed to show that the inhabitants of the earth, numerous and mighty as they are, are as nothing compared with God. The idea is that God is so exalted that, as he looks down from that elevated station, all the inhabitants of the world appear to Him as locusts: ( a busy, agitated, moving , impatient multitude, spread over the vast circle of the earth beneath Him; as locusts spread in almost interminable bands over the plains in the East ).

sunset 2

What is a striking illustration of the insignificance of man as he is viewed from the heavens. What is an impressive description of the nothingness of his mighty plans, and of the vanity of his mightiest works.


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