The Newness of Life in Him!

prayer 2

This reminds us all that every person has the possibility for a new beginning in Christ, something we especially understand and delight in during the Easter season, filled as it is with rich imagery of resurrection, and new life.

When however, we began our life with Christ ( 2 Coorinthians 5: 17 ) in a conscious and committed manner, we are sustained by the grace of God which comes to us in a particular way through the sacraments of the Church.

healing jesus1

Jesus perhaps tells us, He will never abandon His faithful who come back to Him after falling: “ rather He is expiation for our sins, and not for our sins only, but for those of the whole world. ” That is Jesus gives all the chance for a new beginning.

Furthermore, We need not to be “ so ” bold as Peter at the beginning of his ministry; but we can show deep appreciation for this opportunity, we have by living in a consistently Christian Manner extending to others the same possibility of a Second Chance ( Luke 11: 4 ), that we ourselves have received in Him. In doing so we live, not in a self-assured illusion of sinlessness ( 1 John 1: 8 ), but in the  absolute confidence that our redeemer loved us enough to die for us ( John 3: 16 ) and to renew in us a share in His resurrection each time we fall, carrying us joyfully into the same movement of the conversion and growth of His Body ( the Church ) that began in the Acts of the Apostles.

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