Christian Education towards Justice!

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Education is a human right. It prepares human beings for life, helps to develop individual abilities and opens up social opportunities: eg; earning one’s own living. Religion interprets our human existence in connection to a transcendental dimension. Religion can also influence moral values and behavior. Christianity is established, however, on a social life basis, and thus deals with religions and moral justice. As the Christian’ faith is understood 

Hebrews 11: 1 ” … is the assurance ( the confirmation, the title-deed ) of the things ( we ) hope for, being the proof of things ( we ) do not see and the conviction of their reality ( faith perceiving as real fact what is not revealed to the senses )”

as the qualities of love of God, of your neighbor, and even of your enemy, it has to look for justice in the World – Luke 6: 27 – 36.


Modern Christian ethics does unfold interpersonal and global justice for all people and tries to give good reasons for the moral claims. Christianity must answered the question of what kind of justice is to be taught and by what means justice, as a goal of education, can be reached within such a setting.

Refreshing our memory in the ” Breaking News context “, of ” religious teacher ” misbehaving against the ” Body of Christ ” around the world, then the whole world  calling seemingly rightfully, for social justice  to be carried by  Christian ” denominations ” to restore the Holiness of Christ as the Head by all means!

The Bible says in 1 Peter 2: 13 – 25 ” …For it is God’s will and intention that by doing right ( your good and honest lives ) should silence ( muzzle, gag ) the ignorant charges and ill-informed criticisms of foolish persons. Live as free people, yet without employing your freedom as a pretext for wickedness; but live at all times as servants of God. Show respect for all men treat them honorably. Love the brotherhood ( the christian fraternity of which Crist is the Head ). Reverence God. Honor the emperor…”


Does this mean we do not recognize WRONG? Certainly, we do, but the MANNER in which we do it makes ALL THE DIFFERENCE in the world. Does our response MOCK, BELITTLE, DISRESPECT, or ENCOURAGE REBELLION in OTHERS? If we have done that, we have DISHONORED GOD.


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