The Strength belongs to God


wavesAlso unto thee, O Lord, belonged mercy. This tender attribute sweetens the grand thought of his power: The Divine strength will not crush us, but will be used for our good. God is so full of mercy that it belongs to him, as if all the mercy in the universe came from God, and still was claimed by him as his possession. His mercy, like his power, endured for ever-present in Him, ready to be revealed.

For thou rendered to every man according to his work. This looks rather like justice than mercy; But if we understand it to mean  that God graciously rewards the poor, imperfect works of his people, we see in it a clear display of mercy. May it not also mean that according to the work he allots us is the strength which he renders to us? He is not bid us make bricks without straw, but he metes out to us strength equal to our day. In neither meaning, we have power and mercy blended, and have a double reason for waiting only upon God. Man should either helps us nor rewards us. God will do both. In him power and grace are eternally resident; our faith should therefore patiently hope and quietly wait for we shall surely see the Salvation of God. Deo Soli Gloria.

All glory be to God only

universe 3

” God has spoken once, twice have I heard this: that power belongs to God. ” Psalm 62: 11


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