The New Law an Inner Dynamism!


Today’s call is conveyed through the image of the Lord’s Law engraved in the soul, written on the heart. ( Jeremiah 31: 33 ) It’s no longer an external imposition, then, but an inner need to behave well, a divine impulse that leads us to think and act according to God. The commandments and precepts will then become superfluous, because all, from the smallest to the greatest, moved by God’s Spirit, will spontaneously adhere to the Lord’s will.

Even then, the Law of God is gradually engraved in the heart of human, is located in the depths like a seed that in a slow but irresistible way, develops and provides abundant fruit. The one who has received the Divine seed of the Spirit is like a new-born baby

inspirat 2

1 Peter 2: 1 – 3 ” Rid yourselves, then, of all evil; no more lying or hypocrisy or jealousy or insulting language. Be like new-born babies, always thirsty for the pure spiritual milk, so that by drinking it you may grow up and be saved. As the scripture says, ” You have found out for yourselves how kind the Lord is “.” ,

is fragile and in need of help, but he has in himself the principle of life that makes him grow Spiritually and become an adult.


Are we willing to die for our brothers & sisters as Jesus did? If yes! Then we are not alone in this journey; Jesus accompanies us. He lived our own experience and has passed through all our temptations. ( Hebrews 2: 17 or Hebrews 4: 15 ).


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