Jesus the New Law: Love

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In Jesus, who is the New Temple of God, we encounter God in Him. And because He is the New Temple of God, the Church becomes the embodiment of His presence.

A temple is a building that is purpose-built. Our church building here has one chief purpose, namely to immerse us the drama of our relationship with God. We therefore ought to conduct ourselves reverently in this space. To corrupt that which is holy is a terrible and personal insult to God. The corruption of temple’s sanctify caused Jesus to blaze out in anger.


But the reality of God’s temple is more than being simply a church building. Each one of us here is a temple that is purpose-made. Because of our baptisms each one of us here is a temple of the Holy Spirit. Each one of us here was brought into being and designed by God for a purpose, namely the purpose of making Him present to others, especially when they enter into who we are. Each one of us here is a walking, living temple in which God is made present and available to others.

Where do we encounter God today?

God is found in Jesus the crucified and risen Christ, who is the presence of God in person. As the crucified and resurrected Christ, He lives in the Church, not simply as a building, but in His body: The New people of God. Thus, we see Jesus truly as the wisdom and power of God in human lowliness, especially, in human sufferings and vulnerable love.

What is needed?

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Simply faith! Faith in Jesus as the revelation of God’s love and mercy. We must surrender in faith. Then the Church is the embodiment of his presence & the CHRISTIANS the living Epistles. We must acknowledge, once and for all, that the real power is love – ” Whoever does not love does not know God, for God is love. 1 John 4: 8. The strong are those who can accept weaknesses in life.


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