To Testify the Gospel of the Grace of God.

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church 3To profess and preach it, to bear a constant a public testimony to it at death as in life, and faithfully to declare it, and assert it to the last; which he calls not only the ” Gospel ” or good news of salvation by Christ; but the Gospel of the grace of God: Which brings the account of the free grace, love, and mercy of God, displayed in the scheme of salvation of the grace of God the Father, in pitching his love upon any of the sons of men; not becausethey were better and more deserving of his favor, than others, but because of his sovereign will and pleasure, who will be gracious to whom he will be gracious; and in choosing them in Christ unto Salvation, before they had done good or evil and without any consideration or foresight of, or motive from good works hereafter…

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