The Nations must Worship Jesus!


” All the ends of the world….”

All nations, from one end of the world to the other. So this is an evident prophecy of the calling of the non Jews believers to the knowledge of God, and Christ by the Gospel, and a clear proof that this Psalm 22: 27 speaks of Christ to whom alone this and divers other passages of it in the Bible belong.

” Will remember…”

They shall remember their former wickedness with grief, and shame, and fear; particularly in worshiping dead and impotent idols. They shall remember their great and manifold obligations to God, which they had quite forgotten, his patience in sparing them so long, in the midst of all their impieties, and in revealing his Gospel to them, and in giving his son for them: They shall remember the gracious words and glorious works of Christ Jesus, what He did and suffered for them; which possibly divers of them had been eye and ear witnesses of.

” And turn unto the Lord…”

Unto the only true God, and unto Jesus Christ, to whom this Name of Jehovah is often ascribed in Scriptures.

universe 4

” All the nations will bow down and worship before you. “

Let those who go about to establish their own righteousness inquire, why the beloved Son of God should thus suffer, if their own doings could atone for sin. Let the ungodly academic consider whether the Savior thus honored, the Divine law to purchase him the privilege of despising it. Let the careless take warning to flee from the wrath to come, and the trembling rest their hopes upon this merciful Redeemer. Let the tempted and distressed believer cheerfully expect a happy end of every trial or challenge.

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Almighty, Merciful, Glorious, Awesome, Father ABA Jesus! Help us to realize the influence of private & intimate relationship with you.And as we would care deeply for our own Salvation, may we seek to embrace the same cause for others ( World ); And may we not limit our engagement to meaningful charitable activities. But, help all the nations who are trying to make the world better in full intercessory prayers. Amen!



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