Why God’s People Suffer?

strength of the house

” At that time the spirit was moving, darkness and silence were everywhere, and no human voice was yet heard. Then you commanded that a ray of light shine out of the room where it was stored, so that your works could be seen. – More important than all of these, you created Adam and put him in charge of everything that you had made. And all of us, the people you have chosen, are descended from him. O Lord, I have told you this because you said that you created this first world for the sake of your people.You said that, in spite of their great numbers, all the other nations which descended from Adam are nothing, worth no more than a drop of water, no more than spit. But now, Lord, those nations that are considered as nothing are ruling over us and destroying us. We are your people, and you have called us your first-born, your only child, your witness, your loved one, but we have been handed over to the power of these nations. If this world was really created for the sake of your people, why don’t we have possession of it? HOW MUCH LONGER MUST WE WAIT?

Alone 1

He continued, picture in your mind abroad, immense sea spreading over a vast area, but with an entrance no wider than a river. No one who wishes to enter that sea, whether to visit it or control it, can reach its broad expanse of water without passing through the narrow entrance. Picture a city built on a plain. The city is full of all kinds of good things. But the entrance to it is narrow and steep, with fire on one side and deep water on the other. The one path between the fire and the water is so narrow that only one person at a time may walk on it. If anyone inherits this city, he cannot take possession of his inheritance without passing through this dangerous entrance….I made this world for their sake, but when Adam broke my commands, the world came under my judgment...


Do you think you are better judge than God? Do you think you are wiser than God Most High? It is better to let many people of the present age perish than to allow them to neglect the law that God has given them. God has given clear commandments to everyone coming into this world, telling them what they should do to obtain life and to avoid punishment. But the WICKED ( wicked spiritual forces in the heavenly world, the rulers, authorities, and cosmic powers of this dark age ) would not listen and refused to obey him. In their foolishness they have made their own wicked and deceitful plans. They denied the existence of God Most High and refused to follow his ways. They have rejected his law, refused to accept his promises, disobeyed his decrees, and failed to do what he commanded. That’s the reason, Ezra, that there is emptiness for the empty and fullness for the full.

2 Esdras 6: 35 to 2 Esdras 7: 25


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