The License Confidence of a Believing Soul.

inspirat 2

The Man who claps God’s hand, and has Him standing by his side, as his Ally, his companion, his guide, his defense, that man does not need to fear change. For all things which convict the arrogant or mistaken confidence us of the other men as being mental illness or violation from faith prove the confidence of the trustful soul to be the very perfection of reason and common sense.

Psalm 30: 6 ” As for me, In my prosperity I said, ” I shall never be moved .”

We may be confident of our power to resist anything that can come against us, if He was at our side.

universe 3

IF YOU LOVE ME, LEAN HARD “That what God says to us, and if you do, because He is at your right hand, you will not be moved. It is not mental illness; It is not arrogance, it is simple faith; To look our enemies in the eyes, and to feel sure that they cannot touch us ” Trust in Jehovah, so shall you be established. Rest on the Lord, and you shall rest indeed.

inspirat 4

However, outward things may come or go, as it pleases Him, but that which makes the life of our life, will not depart from us as long as He stands there. “ My heart and my flesh failed, but God is the strength of my heart, and my position for ever. I shall not be moved; Though all that can go goes, He abides, and in Him I have all richesPsalm 62: 6 “. Take what you will, leave me thyself ,I have enough” – Because God is at the right hand , I shall not be moved, has the right to anticipate an unbroken continuance of personal being, and an unchanged permanence of the very life of His life – Psalm 16: 8.


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