The Lord Accuses the Priests.


My people are doomed because they do not acknowledge me. You priests have refused to acknowledge me and have rejected my teaching, and so I reject you and will not acknowledge your sons as my priests.

The more of you priests there are, the more you sin against me, and so I will turn your honor into disgrace. You grow rich from the sins of my people, and so you want them to sin more and more. You will suffer the same punishment as the people! I will punish you and make you pay for the evil you do. You will eat your share of the sacrifices, but still be hungry. You will worship the fertility gods, but still have no children, because you have turned away from me to follow other gods. ” – Hosea 4: 6 – 11.


JOSHUA 1: 8 ” Be sure that the Book of the law is always read in your worship. Study it day and night, and make sure that you obey everything written in it. Then you will be prosperous and successful. “


God is proceeding in his controversy with the priests and with the people. The people were as those that strove with the priests, when they had priests that did their duty. But the generality of them lived in the neglect of their duty: Jeremiah 5: 31 ” prophets speak nothing but lies; priests rule as the prophets command, and my people offer no objections. But what will they do when it all comes to an end? “And it is observable here how the punishment answers to the sin, and how for justifying of his own proceedings. God sets the one over against the other. The people strove with the priests that should have taught them the knowledge of God; justly therefore were they destroyed for lack of knowledge: Ecclesiastes 12: 9 ” But because the philosopher was wise , he kept on teaching the people what he knew. He studied proverbs and honestly tested their truth. “

Who should have been still teaching the person’s knowledge, but they did not, or did it in such a manner that it was as if they had not done it at all, so there was no knowledge of God in the land: And because there was no vision, or more to any purpose the people perished: Proverbs 29: 18 ” A nation without God’s guidance is a nation without order. Happy are those who keep God’s law. The mother of destruction is ignorance. Both priests and people rejected knowledge, and justly therefore will God reject them. The reason why the people did not learn, and the priests did not teach, was not because they had not the light, but because they had not ways of coming to the knowledge of God and communicating it, but because they had no heart to it. They rejected it.


Because sin have taken away their heart; their sensual pleasures have taken them off from their devotions and drowned all that is good in them: Heresies, corruption, perversity, drunkenness and uncleanness are sins which besot and infatuated men. Weaken and enfeeble them. Then take away both the understanding and the courage.


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