Christian faith ingredients: silence

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nat5Silence is the absence of any sound or noise literally. It is very frightening  CONCEPT for most of us because of various traumatic or negative episodes in our phobic’s life                ( obsessive fear ). The fear of silence can be recognized in various symptoms; the most common ones been the shivering, shaking ,dry mouth, and sweating of palms. However, silence have tremendous health benefits. Just to named a few:

  • silence lowers blood pressure and allows you to deal with life’s challenges in a better way;
  • silence boost your immune system making it easier for your body to fight of invading bacteria and other pathogens;
  • silence make you happy, spending time in silence boosts your brain chemistry and as a great side effect, you are able to focus better too, etc…

This posting is not about the platonic benefits ( philosophical view ) of silence, but it related to the atmosphere…

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