God’s Word: The source of creation


open bible nature So shall my Word be ” EXTRACTED from Isaiah 55: 11 “ It is the same with my word, I send it out, it always produces fruit. It will accomplish all I want it to, and it will prosper everywhere I SEND IT.

God’s word is creative. With the utterance the result is achieved. Hence the sublime passage, which even heathenism could admire. And God said: “ let there be light: And there was lightGenesis 1: 3. “Hence, too, the more general statement; ” by the word of the Lord were the heavens made; and all the host of them by the breath of his mouth Psalm 33: 6 .” However, we can complete our thought with Psalm 148: 5 ” Let every created thing give praise to the Lord, for he issued his command, and they came into being. “ But it shall accomplish rather unless it has accomplished. There is a mixture of two (2) constructions. ” It shall not return void “. It shall not return unless it has accomplished. ” etc…” It shall proper.Every word that proceeded out of the mouth of God has a prosperous course. It is endued with the life from God, and runs like a swift messenger through nature and the world of man, there to melt the ice, as it were, and here to heal and to save, and it does not return from its course till it has given effect to the will of the sender. “


” The special word “, the prophet Isaiah has here in mind is the promise, so frequently given of deliverance from Babylon, and return in peace and joy to Palestine. But he carries his teaching beyond the immediate occasion, for the benefit of the people of God in all ages, especially 2018 followers of Jesus: Our Father. We need faith in the ” WORD MADE FLESH ” because he said, is what it is today – When His Word being Him is released ( John 1: 1 ) , He himself is moved to secure the known result, the vow, or the promise for you and I. Furthermore, there is a paramount importance for us acquire ” God’s word ” to strengthen confidently our prayer life with SCRIPTURES. God’s words are followers’ creation TOOLS in faith to access all blessings.


” Shows us the right path, O Father; point out the road for us to follow. Lead us by your truth and teach us, for you are the God who saves us. All day long We put our hope in you – Psalm 25: 4 -5.”


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