Jesus as the Praise of Wisdom: the Rider.


” I am Wisdom, and I have insight; I have knowledge and sound judgment. To honor the Lord is to hate evil; I hate pride and arrogance, evil ways and false words. I make plans and carry them out. I have understanding, and I am strong. I help Kings to govern and rulers to make good laws. Every ruler on earth governs with my help, officials and nobles alike. I love those who love me; whoever looks for me can find me. I have riches and honor to give, prosperity and success. What you get from me is better than the finest gold, better than the purest silver.I walk the way of righteousness; I follow the paths of justice, giving wealth to those who love me, filling their houses with treasures………”

Proverbs 8: 12 – 36

Please! Please keep on reading the Bible! This is life!!!

open bible nature

Joshua 1: 8 ” Be sure that the Book of the law is always read in your worship. Study it day and night, and make sure that you obey everything written in it. Then you will be prosperous and successful. “

The ” seed ” here is Wisdom personified as a prophetess who call the son should heed. After calling to all classes of men to come and be wise. Wisdom praises in the first person her own MORAL EXCELLENCE AND VALUE. ( This is the sound foundation for any resolution for 2018 ). Furthermore, the Lord himself: God, did not begin to create universe apart from wisdom.; including the pre-incarnate of Christ who is revealed as the ” Wisdom of God ”  The whose robe is covered with the blood, His name is the ” Word of God ” ( Revelation 19: 13 ) – The climax of the passage is found in the last verses ( 32-36) ” Who find Wisdom, find life


As we are entering in ” grand style the new season ( 2018 ), we are called to the complete devotion to the law ( lifestyle ) of the Lord. Let us  cry for capacity, to engage our Gracious & Glorious, Almighty Father in this prayer ” YOU ARE ALL I WANT, O LORD; I PROMISE TO OBEY YOUR LAWS. I ASK YOU WITH ALL MY HEART TO HAVE MERCY ON ME, AS YOU HAVE PROMISED! I HAVE CONSIDERED MY CONDUCT, AND I PROMISE TO FOLLOW YOUR INSTRUCTIONS. WITHOUT DELAY I HURRY TO OBEY YOUR COMMANDS. “- Psalm 119: 57 – 60. AMEN!


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