The work of the Father


” For He foreordained us ( destined us, planned in love for us ) to adopted ( revealed ) as His own Children through Jesus Christ, in accordance with the purpose of his will, because is pleased Him, and was His kind intent. ” Ephesians 1: 5

But what is really means is  this, that the Divine love. Which  hovers over its poor, prodigal Children because it is love, and therefore, lovingly delights in a loving recognition and response, desires most of all the wanderers should see the light, and that every soul of man shoulder should be able to whisper, with loving heart, the nameABBA! Father! Is not that an uplifting through as being the dominant motive which puts in action the whole of the Divine activity. God created in order that he might life fling his light upon creatures, who should thereby be glad. And God has redeemed in order that in Jesus Christ we might see him, and seeing him, be at rest, and begin to grow like him. This is the aim: ” that they might know thee the only true God….Whom to know is eternal life. ” ( John 17: 3 ). And so self-communication and self-revelation is the very central mystery of the will.


 Almighty, Gracious, Glorious ABBA, Lord, fill our life with the Spirit of love and sacrifice. We bless you for the deep fellowships and tender intimacies; and on the eve of this Christmas ask your blessing for all, as our hearts rings with joy for those whom we love. Amen!



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