Jesus ” Emmanuel ” or God with us!

red star

The titles of the Lord Jesus were not like those of the world, empty and vain sounding things. Each one possessed an impressive meaning, significant either of some distinguished trait of His personal character, or illustrative of some important aspect of His official work.There is no study of our Lord more precious and instructive to those who love Him than the varied and expressive names He wears. A single title is to them often as a volume replete with Divine truth, as a mine of untold wealth, as a box of most precious ointment as a tower of impregnable strength.

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Emmanuel ” title is the most significant and impressive one of all ( some few other titles: First and the last; who was, and is, and is to come; the Almighty...etc ). This remarkable title is the fulfillment of a prophecy, and the confirmation of our faith in the truth of His Messiahship. The unfolding of a two-fold nature – It brings before our view at once His Deity and Humanity. The narrative is in view ” All this took place to fulfill what the Lord had said through the Prophet: The virgin will be with child and will give birth to a son, and they will call him ” Emmanuel ” – Which means GOD WITH US – Matthew 1: 22-23. As I remarked at Christmas memorial, we have here a famous prophecy fulfilled, and a wondrous person revealed. How wondrously and completely does the truth, the incarnation, span the wide chasm between the infinite and the finite – God and Man. God is no longer to the follower’s mind, AN INCOMPREHENSIBLE AND INVISIBLE ABSTRACTION. HE IS BROUGHT NEAR, AS IT WERE VISIBLE, TANGIBLE & REAL in the word.

Glitter baubles on a Christmas tree

Let our faith, Almighty and Awesome & Glorious Father, simply grasp this truth, and all is safe with your everlasting well-being. Do not pause to sound it with the poor plum-line of our reason before we BELIEVE IT. Wait not to understand, before we receive it. RECEIVE IT WITH THE SIMPLICITY OF A LITTLE CHILD, and it will make us HAPPY. Amen!



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