Timely Gospel: salvation as a free gift to all

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The direct object of this lesson ( parable ) seems to be, to show that through the Jews ( God’s people ) were first called into the ” vineyard ” ( as God’s service ), at length the Gospel should be preached to the unbelievers ( Gentiles ), and they should be admitted to equal privileges and advantages with the Jews.The lesson may also be applied more generally, and shows the following:

  • that God is borrower to no man;
  • that many who begin last, and promise little in religion, sometimes, by the blessing of God, arrive at a great deal of knowledge, grace and usefulness;
  • that the recompense of reward will be given to the loved one, but not according to the time of their conversion.

Therefore, it describes the state of the visible church ( institution of all denominations ), and explains the declaration in the Book of

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