” Why are you so afraid? Do you still have no faith? “

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fleur5In the Book of Mark 4: 40,Jesus asked these questions in the midst of trial & tribulation ( storm) His disciples faced, a lively environment to foster His teaching on both: the source of faith required, and  the nature of the Master.

Literally, Jesus used this opportunity to express His power  over the storms of life and experience them alongside us. He loves us, and are willing to saves us from them, for us to believe He is reliable, then trust Him more and more.

Above this straightforward understanding , they are much more to learn from the attitude of Jesus in front of  fearful so-calledtrial & tribulationfor us:


  • does sometimes seem that God is ignoring you when you need him most?

How hard it can be to trust in God’s timing. We are a people who want what we want and…

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