Jesus Christ’s followers: predetermined to acceptance.

Yetna2Global Ventures

jesus-way-truth-life” Having predestined us for adoption as children through Jesus Christ to Himself, according to the good pleasure of His desire. ” Ephesians 1: 5. Before the creation of Man (Adm & Eve)  in Genesis, God have planned to create the siblings ( small number of people born of God’s love, purposely  to portrayed a blameless life on earth at the image and character of the Son, endowed with all Spiritual blessings) of His only begotten Son Jesus. Accordingly, ” election” (or choice), respects that lump or mass of mankind out of which some are chosen from which they are separated and distinguished. PREDESTINATION has respects to the blessings they are designed for, singularly their adoption as ” children “of God, co-joint brothers or sisters of Jesus – Psalm 65: 4 ” Blessed is one whom you choose, and cause to come near, that he may…

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