Procreation: Better-best essential for the Universe.

I memory of the legalization of the same sex marriage around the World!

Yetna2Global Ventures

joyful liveToday’s Breaking News Gospel is fueled by two thoughts:

  • according to Travis Reider, Science proves KIDS are bad for earth – Morally suggests, we stop having them! or KIDS are WORSENING the climate change;
  • Australia is the 26th Country which will vote before ” Christmas “, to legalize the same-sex marriage, according to the Prime Minister-Malcom Turnbull. And the video alleged  the result of the survey is ” love has had a landslide victory “.

The Bible is more than Crystal clear in John 3: 18 ” Whoever believes, and has decided to trust in Him ( as personal Savior and Lord ) is not judged ( for this one, there is no judgement, no rejection, no condemnation ); but the one who does not believe ( and has decided to reject Him as personal Savior and Lord ) IS JUDGED ALREADY ( that one…

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