God’s mercy = Thanksgivings – praise & worship!

singing in rain

The lamp burning in the house is the proof of life and activity present there, and thus the extinguishing of the lamp means ruin and desolation ( Job 21: 17 ). This is how King David perceived it in the Book of 2 Samuel 22: 29 ” For thou art my lamp, O Lord: and the Lord will lighten my darkness. ” – So David is called “ the lamp of Israel ” ( 2 Samuel 21: 17 ), because the active life of the nation centered in him. In a still higher sense the life and being of his people centers in God and without Him the soul is waste and void like the universe before God said ” Let there be light “.

This song, which is found with scarcely any material variation as Psalm 18, and with the words of this verse for its title, belongs to the early part of David’s reign when he was recently established upon the throne of all Israel, and when his final triumph over the house of Saul, and over the pagans nations ( 2 Samuel 22: 44 – 46 ), was still fresh. The whole chapter 22, however, is a Psalm of thanksgivings & praise;


” they that trust God in the way of duty shall find him a present help in their greatest dangers: ” David did so – What are we doing to-day after overcoming overwhelming challenges?

Remarkable preservation should be particularly mentioned in our praises ( keeping a diary of our victories ). We shall never be delivered from all enemies till we get to Heaven. God will preserve all his people – 2 Timothy 4: 18 ” And the Lord shall deliver me from every evil work, and will preserve me unto his heavenly Kingdom: to whom be glory for ever and ever. Amen.”

Those who receive signal mercies from God, ought to give him Glory.

In that day God delivered David, he sang this song. While the mercy is fresh, and we are most affected with it – Let the thank-offering be brought to be kindled with the fire of that affection. All his joys and hopes close, as all our hopes should do, in the Greatest Redeemer, Jesus Christ.


If we see tomorrow, Almighty, Awesome & Glorious Father, enable us to start the day with thanksgivings & praises. Then henceforth, let our path to be made bright and cheerful all the rest of our life. Amen!


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