The Eternity stable basis: God’s Word.


There is something permanent, something that lasts. You cannot destroy, you cannot waste it, you cannot indeed change it. It is itself-itself always eternal. I believe, as the Eternal God. Or we might illustrate it again in relation to thoughts, to ideas, to concepts, to those class cognition of the mind, which result from the comparison and the abstract classification of states of sensation, of memory, of judgment… All these and countless more may vanish!

Jesus Christ, our Father & Lord declared in the Book of Matthew 24: 35 ” Heaven and earth as now known, will pas away, but my Words will not pass away. “This truth revealed, however, the permanence and immutability of the Gospel. His words are the proofs of the perfection of His plan ( Salvation of mankind );

The immortality of the words of Christ is a proof of their perfect adaptability to the constitution, and course of nature. His words are the proof of their perfect consonance with the absolute truth. They are of course, the proof of their identity with the ultimate basis of life.Jesus Christ’s words highlighted two paramount lessons for you and I:

  • he that formulated this immutable scheme, must be Divine;
  • upon these words of Christ we have an assured and stable basis upon which to build for eternity.

strength 3

The word of Christ is an enduring word, because He is our Savior, our Lord, our God, our Father. His love for us is eternal. Furthermore, Christ’s words are authoritative, true, Spirit and life and original. What does Christ say? Of His word? It shall not pass away… Empires and overwhelming dictators, undescribed evils, etc… have passed away, but the Word of Christ shall survives. It speaks with undiluted emphasis, it spreads with uninterrupted speed. All things that threatened to extinguish the Word of Christ have only aided it.

the anunciation

The words of Jesus Christ are unchangeable: The certainty of the Divine truth is imperishable; These words are the last of the series of communications given by God to the lost world, because they are founded on eternal truth, and on the fixed counsels of the immutable God, their connection with His own final Glory as Mediator. These are the words brought to you and I, at our door step this morning.


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