Monday’s devotional: Distribute earthly treasures.

matin silence

” Laying up in store for themselves a wealth of good works as a foundation. ” 1 Timothy 6: 19 – Here a simple command , in complete with the teaching: of Christ, is given, and a definite consequence is attached to the obeying the command. If the “ rich ” – the word “ rich “, we must remember, is a broad term, and in Saint Paul’s mind would comprehend many a one who would hesitate to apply the term in its strict sense to himself – If the ” rich ” or the comparatively rich, are really generous and kind with their wealth – and of this God alone can be judge – then with these perishable, fleeting riches they are laying the foundation of an everlasting habitation on the other side of the veil.

” That they may lay hold on that which is truly life. “ – That is, may lay hold on that which in TRUTH deserves the name “ life “, because the fear of death will no longer cast its gloomy shadow over it this “ laying hold on eternal life ” is the END; the wise rich Christian proposes for himself, when he orders his earthly life and administers his earthly goods, and Saint Paul has just showed Timothy how ” this  end ” is to be reached by such a man.

But, such statements in the Book of life as the foregoing, by no means weaken the Divine truth so often repeated, that:

Alone 2

men are saved only by the blood of Christ, with, which they must sprinkle their sin scared souls. Poor men and rich men alike, may try they will find with all their brave struggles, that of themselves, they will never win Salvation, they CANNOT redeem their souls.


Almighty, Awesome and Glorious Father: Jesus Christ, we implore that our lives may not be impoverished by neglect, nor burdened with indulgences; but that they may be kept in condition for high endeavors. Grant us, that we may never be content to rest in satisfaction and ease when we could struggle and accomplish a Good Work. Amen!



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