Judgment scene: How to behave today?


It is also easy to set the message Jesus wants to convey: the years of man’s are precious, a treasure to be managed well. No one can go wrong because life is one: Jesus suggests in the Book of Matthew 25: 31 – 46; how one must live?

What is the thought of God? At the conclusion of the story of every man on earth, when each is alone with himself and with God, only love will be precious.

Love is true only if it is disinterested, even if it is free of any suspicion of complacency.Who acts in view of the reward, even that of heaven, does not yet genuinely love.

The life of each one will be considered a success or failure according to the commitment of the person in the elimination of six situations of suffering and poverty: hunger, thirst, exile, nakedness, sickness, imprisonment.

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Believing that the judgment scene described by Jesus refers to the condemnation of sinner, to the torments of hell is, at best, risky. Hell exists, but is not a place created by God to punish, at the end of life, who has behaved badly. It is a condition of unhappiness and despair resulting from sin; of hell of sin. However, one can get out: our liberation comes from Christ and his judgment of Salvation.


The question, therefore, is not who will be counted as sheep and goats at the end of the world, but in what occasions today we behave as sheep, and behave as goats? We are sheep when we love our brother; we are goats when we neglects him. It is truly hard that the Good Shepherd, as revealed in John 10: 28 ”  I give them eternal life, and they shall never die. No one can snatch them away from me. ” – After leaving us jump like kids, to the right, and to the left, not find a way to turn us all into His lambs.


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