The unrevealed power of the Spirit.

strength 2

” The Spirit gives life; the flesh counts for nothing. The words I have spoken to you – they are full of the Spirit and life ” – John 6: 63. It is the Spirit that quickened. By these words Christ shows the reason why Jews did not profit by his doctrine to be, being spiritual and quickening, it does not find ears well prepared.

When Christ affirms thatthe flesh profited nothing “, the power of human mind and body can not access the mysteries of God ( or Spirit ). But it is the illumination of the Spirit that quickening. Christ by referring to the manner of eating, said whoever confines his whole attention to the earthly nature of the flesh, will find in it nothing, but what is dead. But they who shall raise their eyes to the power of the Spirit, which is diffused over the flesh, will learn from the actual effect and from the experience of faith, that it is not without reason that is called quickening.


The words which I speak to you “, this is an allusion to the preceding statement, for He now employs the word spirit in a different sense; But as He had spoken of the secret power of the Spirit, He elegantly applies this to His doctrines, because it is spiritual; For the word spirit must be explained to mean spiritual. Now the Word is called spiritual, because it calls us upwards to seek Christ in His heavenly Glory, through the guidance of the Spirit, by faith, and not by our perception; for we know that of all that was said, nothing can be comprehended, but by faith. And it is also worthy of observation, that He connects life with the Spirit. He calls His word life, from its effect, as if He had called it quickening, but shows that it will not be quickening to any, but those who receive it spiritually, for others will rather draw death from it. To the godly, this commendation bestowed on the Gospel is most delightful, because they are certain that it is acquainted for their eternal Salvation. But at the same time, they are reminded to labor to prove that they are genuine disciples.


Now then, give praise to our Glorious Father of the universe – Jesus Christ, who has done great things everywhere, who brings us up from the time we were born, and deals with us mercifully. May He gives us happiness and allow us to have peace in the world forever; May He continues His mercy to us and rescue us in our time of need. Amen!


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