Women! Beware of Deceitful Preachers.

awake spi

There is a risk to watch against fake preachers, because some are already in the Church – Artful deceivers who CREEP INTO HOUSES, insinuate themselves into families, and, having the appearance of Godliness DEAD CAPTIVE SILLY WOMEN2 Timothy 3: 6. Gain such influence over women of low rank, and mean understandings as to obtain the direction of their consciences, and purses women who, whatever pretenses they make to sanctify ARE LADEN WITH SINS, and LED AWAY WITH DIVERS LUSTS – Or desires where these seducers know how to flatter, so as to make such persons their own property. This, with the two subsequent verses, is though by some a prophetical description of the practices of the Romish monks and friars in dark ages, who, by hypocritical pretensions to extraordinary sanctity, and by auricular confession and other wicked arts, deluded and corrupted their female votaries. So EVER LEARNING – pretending to hear with great eagerness, and, it may be, charmed with every appearance of fervor and novelty in their teachers, but being tossed about with every wind of doctrine, they are NEVER ABLE TO COME to the experimental and practical KNOWLEDGE OF THE TRUTH – As it in Jesus, or to attain any fixed and steady principles of religion.


May our song of thanksgiving Father, be new every morning, as we awake in the abundance of your warning of what you promised. Amen!


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