Solemn warning: not to refuse God’s voice!


And the question for us, is there anything that we can cling to? Yes ! To the” voice that speaks from heaven” in Jesus Christ. As long as that is sounding in our ears we can calmly look out on the evanescence ( disappearance of earthly plans or hopes ) of the evanescent, and confidently rely on the permanence ( duration, fixedness, continuance ) of the permanent – Hebrews 12: 25

The solemn possibility of refusal is addressed to the professing Christians, who have in so far exercised real faith, as that by it “ they are come to Mount Zion, and to the city of the Living God “. We must remember that the true and proper application of them, is to the conduct of Men who recognizing that God is speaking to them, do not want to hear anything more from Him. That is to say; this warnings brings to us Christians, the reminder that it is possible for us so to tamper ( calmness of mind, moderation ) with what we know to be uttered  will and expressed commandment of God, as that our conduct is tantamount ( equivalent in value ) to saying Be silent, O Lord! And let me not hear you speak any more to me. “

The reason for that refusal, which they expressed unconsciously as a deepest criminality and darkest sin, can only be made by Men that recognize the voice to be God’s. So we may wrenching ( deceiving ) ourselves away from the voice of God, because we uncomfortably feel that it is against our resolves, and all the while may never know that we are unwilling to obey His commandments. This is irrevocably fatal for we as Christians! Will God’s voice be heard in a heart that is all echoing with earthly wishes, loudly claimant for their gratification, or with sensual desires passionately demanding their food to be flung to them?


The voice of God is heard in silence, and not amidst the Babel of our own hearts.

Therefore, Christians who refused to listen to God’s voice withdraw their lives from the care & control of His will, and are drag away from the contemplation and meditation upon His Word.


And so brothers and sisters, though this, that, and the other of the externals of Christianity, in polity, in form, in mode, may be passing away, be sure of this, the solid core abides; and that core lies in the first word of this letter: “ God… have spoken unto us in His Son Jesus Christ!


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