” Do not put the Lord your God to the test. “

vallee of death

Preservation in danger is Divinely pledged: shall then create danger, either to put the promised security skeptically to the proof, or wantonly to demand a display of it? Concerning Christ’s temptation revealed in the Book of Matthew 4: 1 – 11. We observe that this happened directly after He was declared to be the Son of God, and the Savior of the world, He was tempted; great privileges and special tokens of Divine favor, will not secure any being tempted. But if the Holy Spirit witness to our being adopted as Children of God, that will answer all the suggestions of the evil spirit. Christ was directed to the combat. If we presume upon our own strength, and tempt the devil to tempt us, we provoke God to leave us to ourselves.

Satan, the prince of this world, aim in all his temptations, to bring Christ to sin against God:

  • he tempted Him to despair of his Father’s goodness, and to distrust his Father’s care concerning Him;
  • satan tempted Christ to presume upon his Father’s power and protection, in a point of safety.

However, nor are any extremes more dangerous than despair and presumption, especially in the affairs of our souls.

open bible nature

Satan, dramatically, has no objection to holy places as the scene of his assaults. Let us not, in any places, be off our watch! It is possible for a man to have his head full of scripture notions and his mouth full of scriptures expressions, while his heart is full of bitter enmity to God and to all goodness. Satan misquoted the words. If we go out of our way, out of the way of our duty as Christian, we forfeit the promise, and put ourselves out of God’s protection. We find but few who can decidedly reject such baits ( or fabulosities ) as satan offers; ” For what does it benefit a Man to gain the whole world ( with all its pleasures ) and forfeit his soul – Mark 8: 36 “.


Glorious Father Abba, restore the spirit of discernment if it may be withered within us, that we may be contended. May we receive the gift of joy over our possessions; work and cheerful about our duties, in order to rest our hope in Jesus Christ: the author & finisher of our faith.


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