The exceptional leadership of Christ.


cherryThere are many great leaders today and in the past who have accomplished incredible goals. Many of them have a core group of traits they share with each other. Understanding these characteristics helps us achieve greatness in our life. This is a worldly profile of a leader ” like me or hate me, there is still something you like about me!

The Book of Colossians 1: 13 – 20 introduced Jesus Christ as the complete genuine leader, the one who was, who is and who is to come. ” He is the exact living image ( the essential manifestation) of the unseen God ( the visible representation of the invisible), the firstborn ( the permanent one, the sovereign, and the originator) of all creation. ” Jesus is the embodiment of all gifts, qualities and abilities “ for it pleased the Father for all the fullness ( of deity the sum total of His essence, all His perfection powers, and attributes) to dwell ( permanently) on Him ( the Son) to reconcile all things to himself…” By worldly standards, He is the summary,or the oneness of all laws (the law of: the lid; process; influence; navigation; picture; solid ground; respect; intuition; magnetism; connection; the inner circle; empowerment; addition; buy-in; victory; priorities; momentum; sacrifice; timing; explosive growth and legacy,etc…)


Furthermore, despite the fact that Jesus is God, the source of love & holiness. Let me just use this opportunity to emphasize into four (4) of His countless Divine gifts, which can represented a sound ground for those who are struggling with the life of leadership.

  • fixed principles: Jesus knew who he was, and why was he here on the planet. That meant he could lead from strength rather than from uncertainty or weakness. ( Mark 5: 24-34);
  • understanding others: Jesus was listening leader. Because he loved others with a perfect love, he listened without being condescending ( Proverbs 15: 31-32 );
  • selfless leadership: the Savior’s leadership was selfless. He put himself and his own needs second and ministered to others beyond the call of duty.( Matthew 20: 20-28 );
  • responsibility: Jesus knew how to involve his disciples in the process of life. He gave them important and specific things to do for their development ( Philippians 2: 3-5 ).


He is also the head ( the life source and leader ) of the body, the Church and He is the beginning, the firstborn from the dead. So that he himself will occupy the first place ( he will stand supreme and be preeminent ) in everything.


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