Sunday’s call: The commonwealth of God

Large Iced Cup Cake on Plate with Knife

Only he who understands that the kingdom of God, is afeast “, a banquet decidedly enters without delay, because he does not want to miss even a moment of joy that is offered to himMatthew 22: 1 -14.

We immediately noticed that the perspective of the kingdom of God preached by Jesus is considerably different from that of the Rabbis. They announced the Garden of Eden after life. In the contrast, the banquet of the kingdom of God which Jesus speaks is full joyful life in the here and now. It is the condition wherein he who welcomes the gift of the Spirit, who believes in his proposal of joy, who trusts his beatitudes, enters. However, those who are not aware of their poverty, who do not hunger and thirst for a new world, will never enter the kingdom of God. They will adapt to the meanness with which they usually live . Only the “ poor ” are able to understand the gratuitousness of God’s love. Today is another invitation, to cultivate an understanding of Human weakness, and to keep the doors open to all of our communities of faith. The poor, the marginalized, those who feel rejected in the Body of Christ ( Church ), must find a place where they feel accepted, understood and valued.

Crowd of spectators watching a fireworks display

The new life of the Christian is often compared in the New Testament, to a new dress, won on the day of baptism. It is not enough to have received the ritual, one needs to ASSUME THE APPROPRIATE BEHAVIOR. One cannot present oneself with the clothes of old life: adultery, dishonesty, disloyalty and debauchery. One cannot be content to put a new piece on the old garment, but needs to completely revamp the outfit ( apparatus ). It must set life on the altogether new values.


Awesome and almighty Father, help us to understand that while we may be content to rest with your grace, we cannot preserve the strength of our soul unless we share our precious possessions. Give us a passion for humanity that will advance gifts through love, and offer service without the need of an appeal. AMEN!


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