Fellowship notice with Christ.


I would ask each of you, do you have a clear conscience with God? If anything stand between you and God, that could separate you eternally from His presence? Acts 23: 1 ” Brethren, I have lived before God in all good conscience until this day.

Not only from the time of his conversation, but throughout the whole of his life; for though, strictly speaking, there is no good conscience, but what is awakened by the Spirit of God and is unprincipled by his grace, and is purged from sin by the blood of Christ; in which since he could only have a good conscience, since he believed in Christ. Yet whereas in his state of ignorance, and even while he was a blasphemer, and persecutor, he did not act contrary to the dictates of his conscience, but according to them, in which his view was to the glory of God, and the honor of His law, he therefore says he lived before God, or unto God, in all good conscience through an erroneous and mistaken one; he thought , he ought to do what he did, he did with zeal for God through it was not according to knowledge: besides the Apostle has here respect to his outward moral conversation, which, before and after conversion, was very strict, and even blameless, at least without defect before men, nobody could charge him with any notorious crime, though he did not live without sin in the sight of the Omniscient God.


So in the midst of danger even death, Paul has the Lord standing by him! Do you have the Lord standing by you in the middle of danger or death? All Christians who are truly believers will have the Lord standing by them in these troubled times. Furthermore, you must have Christ standing at your side if you expect to have a clear conscience when danger unfolds in front of you. You must have Christ in front of you when ” religious ” leaders come against you, when you know they are not doing God’s will ( teaching God’s word according to the Bible, not men words for undisclosed selfish interests ) or true service.


You can clear all that right now with Jesus, by simply asking Jesus to forgive you of your sins and accept Him as your Savior & Lord.


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