Breaking news Gospel: more deaths in our roads?


With a death toll of more than hundred recorded within a month in our roads network. The government have taken the ” bull by the horn ” to curved this human disaster. The aim is to put an end to this ” hecatombs ” where 80% of deaths are caused by human errors. The Minister of roads and transports stated clearly during the emergency meeting on Wednesday 29/08/17, ” The government do not tolerate deaths in our roads any more. ” ( from Cameroon Tribune N° 11420/7619 of 30/08/17 ).

Can we trust the government this endless time? Please! Please! Read my post of the 04th February 2017 – 7 months ago; titled ” Roads accidents in my Fatherland: Cameroon. “


Jesus said to him ( today us ) ” I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father, except trough me. ” John 14: 6

I am the way ” – By this is meant doubtless, that they and all others were to access to God only by obeying the instructions, imitating the example, and depending on the merits of the Lord Jesus Christ. He was the leader in the ” road “, the guide to the wandering, the teacher of the ignorant, and the example to all. ( read John 6: 68 ).

The truth – The source of truth, or he who originates and communicates truth for the salvation of men. Truth is a representation of things as they are. The life, the purity, and the teaching of Jesus Christ was the most complete, and perfect representation of the things of the eternal world that has been or can be presented to man. The OPINIONS OF MEN ARE FANCY, but the doctrines of Jesus were nothing more than a representation of facts as they exist in the government of God. It is implied in this, also, Jesus is the fountain of all truth that by his inspiration the prophets spoke, and that by him all truth is communicated to men. ( read John 1: 17 or John 11: 25 ).


The life ” – No men come to the Father but by me – To come to the Father is to obtain his favor, to have access to his throne by prayer, and finally, to enter his Kingdom. No man can obtain any of these things except by the merits of the Lord Jesus Christ. By coming by him is meant coming in his name and depending on his merits. We are ignorant, and he alone can guide us. We are sinful and it is only by his merits that we can be pardoned. We are blind, and he can enlighten us. God has appointed him as the mediator, and has ordained that all blessings shall descend to this world through him. Hence he has put the world under his control; has given the affairs of men into his hand, and has appointed him to dispense whatever may be necessary for our peace, pardon, and salvation – ( Acts 4:12 ).





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