Christian faith ingredients: joyful praise.

singing in rain

Revealed in the Psalm 63: 3 – 6 ” Because your loving kindness is better than life, my lips shall praise you……..”, such a sense of supreme happiness of Divine favor – here in its unique sense of promise favor – that it is better than life itself, calls for gratitude displayed all through life. ” Love is the ever-springing fountain ” from which all benefit proceeds, and a sense of it is even more than the happy sense of being alive.

Even in affliction (pain or trouble) we need not want matter for praise when this is the regular frame of a believer’s mind, he values the loving-generosity of God more than life. God’s loving-generosity is our Spiritual life, and that is better than material life ( wealth, fame & honor by all means ). We must praise God with joyful lips; we must address ourselves to the duties of the Body of Christ (Church) with happiness, and speak forth praises of God from a principle of Holy Joy. hw2” Joy recalled here is the fruit of the Spirit, a gift. Joy is not happiness, is an emotion that’s acquired by the anticipation, acquisition or even the expression of something great or wonderful. It could be described as excitement, sheer, gladness, and can result from great success or a very beautiful or wonderful experience like a wedding or graduation. Joy is permanent possession while happiness is for a moment. “

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Praising lips must be joyful lips. King David was in continual danger (as we Christians today ) – 2 Corinthians 4: 7-18; care and fear held his eyes waking, and gave him tiresome nights; but he comforted himself with thoughts of God ( read Psalm 23 ). The mercies of God, when called to mind in the night watches, support the soul, making darkness cheerful. How happy will be that last morning when the believer awaking up after the Divine resemblance – Acts 17: 27-28; satisfied with all the fullness of God, and praise him with joyful lips, where there is no night, and where sorrow and crying flee away!


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