Homage for Jesus’s love cantor: Alain MOLOTO KOSSY – (1)


orchestra1The title ” I love you Lord ” by Alain MOLOTO: extract lyrics for his single album-2010.

”  I am a friend of your heart who takes its flight on the wings of your love. With the meeting of unutterable and new; because in your glory all is renewed. You are the craftsman of the life who remains and the happiness which charms. You are the benefactor of those who hope, the notes of hope which rise from your holy presence reassure our interior and major dashes. To have you, is a duty which provides for the great need, to see in you the King of Glory. To know you , Oh divine Master, it is as to be born in good being, to enjoy the wellness which penetrates beyond the sense and of the reason. To love you will remain never again a simple word. But a reason to exist which will make to run my life in the entrails of your mercy. To tell you that I love you will never call the evidence of love which flows like food on the paths of my life. But what matters for me, is you, to feel, and exhale in me the good fragrance of your life Jesus.”

orchestra 3

However, the best expression of “ praise & worship ” is echoed into the Book of 1 Chronicles 16: 23 – 31. “ Sing to the Lord, all the earth; proclaim his salvation day after day…….Tremble before him, all the earth! The world is firmly established, it cannot be moved. Let the heavens rejoice, let the earth be glad. Let them say among the nations, ” The LORD REIGNS “. Jesus said we are to worship in Spirit and truthJohn 4: 24.


Alain MOLOTO KOSSY, was born in July 1961, and died in August 2013 ( with 52 years ) in Democratic Republic of Congo in Central Africa. During his approximately twenty (20) years of musical career; he was committed “ Cantor ” of the Love of Jesus Christ in his ministry. At the extend were he became a precursor of ” Praise & Worship “. His engagement to spray the Gospel through music, hoisted the praise & worship kind in Africa and beyond at the level of Urban Music; with a countless positive impact into the winning of souls ( evangelization ).


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