Faith in Jesus Christ: imitator’s welfare.


We are having the same spirit of faith as revealed in 2 Corinthians 4: 13 “…I believed, and therefore have I spoken; we also believe, and therefore speak. “ The spirit of faith is not definitely the Holy Spirit, but the human spirit in fellowship with the Divine, and therefore characterized by faith. And then, as if pleading that this faith must find utterance ( ability to speak ), he falls back on the words that are in his mind almost as an axiom ( a truth ) from Psalm 116: 10 ” I believed, therefore I said, I was greatly afflicted. “ It will be noted that the context of the words quoted is eminently in harmony with the feelings to which the apostle has just given expression: the sorrow of death compassed me, the pains of hell got hold of me. I found trouble an heaviness ( oppression or sadness )…I was brought low…Then have delivered my soul from death ( Psalm 116: 3-8 ). It is though that psalm had been his stay and comfort in the midst of his daily conflict with disease.jesus-teachings-life-s

We also believe…We believe in the truths of the gospel; we believe in God, in the Savior, in the atonement ( the reconciliation of God and mankind through the death of Jesus ), in the resurrection, etc…The sentiment is that, they had a firm confidence in these things, and that as the result of that assurance they boldly delivered their sentiments. It prompted them to give articulation to their feelings ” Out of the abundance of the heart “ said the Savior Jesus, ” the mouth speaks ” Matthew 12: 34. is_003No man therefore, should attempt to preach the gospel, who has not a firm belief of its accuracies will be efficient to make them known to his fellow-men. All successful preaching is the result of a firm and settle conviction of the veracity of the gospel; and when such a conviction exists, it is natural to give declaration to the belief, and such an expression will be attended with happy influences on the minds of other people.



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