A prayer of confidence & faith: Ishmael.

wait for the lord

” She went and sat down opposite him, a good way off, about a bow shot away. For she said, ” Don’t let me see the death of the child. ” She sat over against him, and lifted up her voice, and wept.” – Genesis 21: 16. They had made their last effort, and with that hopelessness which travelers have so often described as stealing over the lost wanderer in the desert, they yield themselves to their doom ( danger that seems inevitable ). The boy is entirely passive. But not so the mother. At softer nature would have remained with him to soothe ( to confirm as true ) him, but the agony of the wild Egyptian, will grant her no rest. She casts his fainting body almost angrily under a Shrub ( a plant smaller than a tree ), and withdraws to bow shot distance, because she cannot bear to see him die. She there gives way not to tears only, but to unrestrained out cries of grief ( suffering ). But it is not her loud lamentation, but the mute ( silent ) prayer of Ishmael that is heard, and an angel of God comes to her relief.


hw4However, the power of  confidence & faith prayer is based on the lifestyle ( of sanctification ) of prayer without notice, or a special attitude and atmosphere – 1 Thessalonians 5:17 ” Pray without ceasing. “ It also referred  to as a ” silent prayer “. A state of our character which creates a deeper relationship with an infinite and mysterious God. It takes us down a path that ultimately leads to a deep friendship – Colossians 3: 12-14 ” …Above all these things, walk in love, which is the bond of perfection. “ According to Wesley and Stacey Campbell, ” silence in prayer is often not something we orchestrate rather, it is a gift that can come upon us quite unexpectedly. Instead of rushing to fill the gap, we learn to embrace the gift as the better part of our time of prayer.


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