Do ignorance exempt of guilt?

3The contemplation of the perfect law enlightening the eyes, sends the psalmist to his knees. None of us can see our own errors, deliver me, Lord, from hidden faults.      ( Psalm 19:12 ). He is appalled by his own shortcomings, and feels that beside all those of which there is a region as yet unilluminated by that law, where every things nestled and breed.

The Jewish ritual drew a broad distinction between inadvertent-whether involuntary or ignorant and deliberate sins. The secret faults of the one clause are substantially synonymous with the errors of the others. They are then, not sins hidden from men, whether because they have been done quietly in a corner, and remain undetected or because they have only been in thought, never passing into act. Both of these pages are evil in us, all it may do to us good  is  to take  our prayer, “…cleanse, thou me from secret faults”.

To be continued..!


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