Family in law stakeholder in love

Taking care of your family in law in my Fatherland is an expression of your faithful deep love to your wife. It is important to highlight here the contextualized meaning of “care”. Caring of, goes beyond providing for basic necessities & fantasies for your family in law   as an customary institution, but accepting, adopting the stress as an “object of watchful attention or anxiety “.

However,  after showing a profound and caring affection towards your wife, you must checked your level of commitments towards solving your family in law issues, especially material as a key component of that single love expression towards your wife.The reality is naturally uncommon, your wife is a permanent asset for her biological family;at the  marriage’s introduction project this was told to you without the laying out of substantial details of the “what will be the content of a life vow”. Your wife is willing to died for her family without her bringing out any reasonable fact for her passion.

For this cause a man (or the wife) will leave his father and mother, and will joined to his wife (or  the husband). The two will become one flesh”EPHESIANS5:31.

Question: Do the marriage teared up the relationship with the biological family? Or does it give the edge to the new nascent family project?

to be continued!


2 thoughts on “Family in law stakeholder in love

  1. In our part of the world marrisge goes beyond the husband and the wife
    Those who are wife know that we need each other to make things work including our marriages
    We do everything together in joy and sorrow
    Love even increases
    It’s somethings we should continue to be proud of
    Victor Massok Dla Cameroon


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