Why tried to suppress the TRUTH?

” I tell you the truth, everyone who lies is a slave of misdeed (sin)” JOHN 8: 14.                                                                                                                                                       This is a paramount statement of Jesus Christ to his followers for them to experience the fullness of God.The Truth is a first quality that belongs to God, to Christ, to the Holy Spirit.God (who is the Truth) wants truth developed in us because we have been made at his image and likeness (GENESIS 1:27), we must seek it, speak it, walk in it, live by it, and worship in it,  only then (the world) will we be truly free.

Truth also defines the Christian revelation, God’s word (who is God) is truth; so is the testimony of Jesus and the gospel proclaimed by the followers.Those who believe have come to the knowledge of the truth and belong to the body of Christ (the Church), the pillar and foundation of the truth.Let help ourselves in faith and unfortunately glance to so called today’s breaking news:

  • the primary schools games lunched in my fatherland where pupil are not attending classes ;
  • the train  is skyrocket in the city day light where citizens are struggling for more basic rights for dignity;
  • the parliament building attacked in the heart of a full session when people are trying to assess the uncertainty of their future.

The word of God as Truth uncovers the realities of the pities miserable situation in which humanity finds itself apart from God and points the way out through the One who is “…the way, the truth, and the life” JOHN 14:6.Jesus words guide us to the truth that sets us free and warns us to let nothing tear us away from the Truth.

The retribution is absolutely sure for a race of sinners “Arise, O judge of the earth.Give the proud what they deserve” PSALM 94 :2


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